Purchasing software is simply a small part of the journey!

We’re here to help the remaining 90% succeed.

In Paypeople Payroll & HR Software in Pakistan, Our customer experience team is here to help you succeed, from onboarding your workplace to gaining acceptance. Our team has assisted over 3000 firms in delivering a positive employee experience.

Customer Onboarding - Paypeople Payroll & HR Software in Pakistan

The onboarding & implementation journey

Customer Onboarding - Paypeople Payroll & HR Software in Pakistan

We can assist you with Excel file formatting, but we need you to assist us and take responsibility for data correctness.

1Data collection

We can best assist you if you are properly prepared with data. The majority of delays occur here because customers may not have the data ready or the data is in an unstructured state. The earlier you provide us with data in our format, the sooner we can onboard you. Our team can share some of your load when it comes to data formatting, but we are not liable for data mistakes. You have been warned!

2First meeting (True Transition)

We want all of your stakeholders involved in the onboarding process to attend the meeting in order to understand the implementation process’s workflow and streamline the resources needed to go live in a short period of time.

One thing all successful initiatives have in common is that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Do not be afraid to seek guidance on best practises.

3Setting up the system

PayPeople self-explanatory procedures and streamlined wizards expedite the deployment process. HR & Payroll Software in Pakistan Some consumers are onboarded without any assistance. However, we are here to help you become self-sufficient in dealing with PayPeople.

4Integration of Biometrics

We’ve worked with PayPeople’s Attendance Software in Pakistan to integrate thousands of devices. However, none of these are possible without the assistance of your infrastructure team. We require remote access to your biometric database as well as information about the vendor of your device.

The presence of your IT Administrator will expedite the integration process.