Stunning profile for
employees to flaunt

PayPeople Payroll & HR Software in Pakistan enables you to keep worker satisfaction at the forefront of your business. It provides your employees with an appealing interface for their own profile, with their data beautifully structured. Just like their personalized website!

Employee Profiles - Cloud HR Software in Pakistan


A place for employees to
promote themselves

PayPeople provides your employees with a well-structured foundation on which they can display their individuality as well as a brief life story, likes, about him/her, role within the corporation, and so on.

Employee Profiles - Cloud HR Software in Pakistan
Employee Profiles - Cloud HR Software in Pakistan


Everything about associate
worker in a timeline view

Every employee’s entire journey is captured in a single frame. It allows managers and employees to view the timeline in a matter of seconds. It’s a centralized hub where every lap has been automatically updated since the day of onboarding.


Everything about a worker
can be found in one

The PayPeople  HR & Payroll Software in Pakistan system is designed to keep all transactions about all employees in one place – the employee profile. All modules are tightly integrated to collect information about an employee in a single, well-organized location. Your team leaders and managers will also have access to the documents, goals, compensation, and reviews of their team members. Provided they require permissions, which PayPeople handles!

Employee Profiles - Cloud HR Software in Pakistan

PayPeople makes it really simple to obtain any employee information, unlike our previous HR system where I had to go to ten different locations.

Arshad Tarar



Share feedback and keep
personal notes about an

PayPeople HR Analytics Software in Pakistan permits you to record internal private notes against an employee timeframe that is only available to such managers. Furthermore, all private feedback from an employee will be shared in one location for the employee and their managers.


Set up workflows and track
changes to worker information

PayPeople allows you to add custom fields while profiling an employee if there is any information that does not exist within the system, from simplifying complex data trends to fixing powerful benchmarks. For instance, their interests, future goals, and so on.

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