The only platform that supports both traditional KRA and goals

Paypeople OKR Software in Pakistan has it all in its PMS basket, whether it comes to typical objectives/goals or developing KRA (Key Result Area). Only Paypeople offers the ability to set classic goals and specify a contemporary top-down goal-setting methodology. Each person travels in the same direction with distinct goals and a steady pace thanks to aligned KRA.

OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan


KRA software for modern, aggressive businesses

Using Paypeople OKR Software in Pakistan requires keeping up with technological advancements. Paypeople is a system created by an enthusiastic, tech-savvy team that will never allow you fall behind your rivals. The cutting-edge goal-management system from Paypeople integrates your entire team around a shared vision. Your team will be more productive with a contemporary foundation, appealing user interface, seamless operation, and real-time progress tracking.

OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan
OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan


KPIs and objectives with a personal performance focus

Paypeople is a group of goal-oriented individuals who are fully aware of the best way to accomplish company objectives.  Setting personal goals is the first step in achieving any goal, and Paypeople takes care of that for you. Employees can specify their personal goals and objectives using the KRA tool from PayPeople HR Software in Pakistan. It’s also simple to update them every day to achieve immediate objectives and boost motivation.


Work more effectively with collaborative goals.

The Paypeople KRA solution enables you to set collaborative goals for your team and track their progress. When a group works together to achieve a common goal, it increases motivation, trust, and transparency.

OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan

With the support of PayPeople, we were able to manage our 15,000 employees with simplicity, which was a significant step forward in our digital transformation path.

Tufail Gill

Vice President HR

OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan


Cascaded goals provide company-wide visibility of progress

The Paypeople OKR Software in Pakistan offers a hierarchy-based framework to help organisations determine their goals. You will be able to transfer goals from one level to the next, ensuring alignment between your own ambitions and the overall aims and objectives of the business.


Manage the objectives of thousands of Workers

Paypeople  HR and Payroll Software in Pakistan provides Managers and Human Resources with a bird’s eye view dashboard to help them plan their okr framework and understand team goals across departments.

OKR Software - Paypeople Goals and OKR Software in Pakistan


Maintain regular goal progress updates

The employee goal management software from Paypeople makes sure that managers and heads are informed about the progress of all targets and goals. So that nothing is missing or delayed, admins can keep an eye on things and create reminders.

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