Effective performance management software

For growth-oriented enterprises that require ongoing, real-time performance reviews, Paypeople is the Performance Management Software in Pakistan that truly delivers. To guarantee that objectives are met and the expected ROI is realised, Paypeople performance management software tracks, analyses, and assesses employee performance.

Performance Management Software in Pakistan-Lahore Karachi Islamabad

ONE ON ONE (1:1)

Hold one-on-one sessions with distant workers to engage them

The 1:1 meeting tool from Paypeople let you have one-on-one conversations about the problems while also measuring each employee’s progress. Agendas for one-on-one meetings can be set by team managers or department heads to help staff focus on areas that need development. The instant you schedule a one-on-one meeting on Paypeople One-on-One Meeting Software in Pakistan, the required individuals’ calendars are automatically blocked.

Performance Management Software in Pakistan-Lahore Karachi Islamabad
Performance Management Software in Pakistan-Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Recognize and share feedback when it is most important

Paypeople Continuous Feedback Module will inspire your company’s culture and assist managers and team leaders in motivating and inspiring their workforce.  Paypeople Performance Management Software in Pakistan provides you with precise personnel insights that you can use to develop your teams. Your company’s managers may enter.


Quantifye what is important

According to Paypeople, the procedure for tracking performance should be carefully planned out. Paypeople’s OKR solution aids in tracking and coordinating staff goals and sub-goals in order to provide quantifiable results. When discussing an organization’s revenue, only figures are spoken. The framework enables you to specify objective levels like organisational, departmental, and personal goals.

Performance Management Software in Pakistan-Lahore Karachi Islamabad

With the support of PayPeople, we were able to manage our 15,000 employees with simplicity, which was a significant step forward in our digital transformation path.

Tufail Gill

Vice President HR

Performance Management Software in Pakistan-Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Reimagined 360-degree feedback and performance evaluations

The performance of employees is evaluated from all angles as part of the Paypeople HR Software in Pakistan performance management system to carry out a successful appraisal process. Not only one boss but a group of supervisors or coworkers evaluates an employee’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Management System is the abbreviation. It is a tool or a method used to assess how well employees are performing inside an organisation. Through the use of a PMS, HR (human resource) can more readily develop clear performance expectations that enable employees to understand what is expected of them in their roles.

It enables managers to emphasise to staff members the need for personal accountability in achieving objectives and performance evaluation. Clear goals and objectives, frequent performance reviews, open communication, spotting good performance, feedback, suggestions, learning, and development are just a few of the elements of an effective PMS.

Paypeople can handle thousands of employees because to its fully scalable methodology for conducting performance reviews. With simple features like 360-degree reviews, one-on-one meetings, scorecards, and more, you can now administrate the whole nominations, evaluation, and calibration process in a matter of minutes.

You can do a multi-dimensional evaluation of the skills, behavioural competencies, and performance of your employees with Paypeople performance management software. Your managers will have access to the information, knowledge, and resources they need from the analytics system to perform a more insightful appraisal of their staff.


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