Monitor the use of time and resources in your services firm

You can identify billable and non-billable resources in your services business while keeping track of the time spent on your projects with PayPeople Timesheet software in Pakistan. It helps with resource allocation by calculating the professional staff’s usage rate.

Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad


The easiest time entering system ever

Every week, employees detest punching the clock. The enjoyable experience is made possible by PayPeople’s user-friendly time entering interface. Your staff members may simply keep track of time spent on ongoing and completed tasks, log hours, and provide comments for approval. They can also utilise timers to keep track of how much time they spend on a task or activity.

Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad
Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Monitor project hours and income

A dynamic timesheet programme that records earnings from each active project in a business. Keep track of the billable hours you and your team put into projects so you can accurately determine the revenue associated with each one. The best aspect is that the PayPeople Timesheet software in Pakistan also allows you to create an invoice for the total amount of billable hours.


Make your stakeholders’ time approval process specific

The most effective technique to handle and automate the approval of timesheets for your staff is to automate it. Multiple tiers of approvers can be specified in an approval chain created by the PayPeople HR Software in Pakistan timesheet system. The procedure gives managers the authority to accept or reject the timesheets that the workers on the current project have submitted.

Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad

PayPeople helped us achieve a major milestone
in our digital transformation journey in
managing our 15,000 workforce with ease

Muhammad Ali

Vice President HR

Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad


Put resources toward project tasks

The dashboard-style single snapshot view provided by the PayPeople timesheet management software allows you to see actual client- and project-level insights. You can get a good estimate of how many resources each project will receive. This makes project planning for the future simpler.


Monitor the resources you use

PayPeople Payroll Softwaren in Pakistan tracks the real number of billable, non-billable, and productive hours, going above and beyond any other straightforward time tracking program. You can view monthly billable and non-billable hours on the system’s dashboard view.

Timesheet software in Pakistan - Lahore Karachi Islamabad

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