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Any HRMS system’s most important feature is security. All data in PayPeople is kept in forms. As a result, it’s critical to specify who can see certain forms. For each form, field, and action, you may set access permissions for your users. You may set permissions for individual form records depending on roles in PayPeople. Only employees with the appropriate access permissions (role-based) will be able to add, modify, view, and delete form records.


Manage Roles #


Your organization’s hierarchical architecture is defined by roles. You can assign different rights to roles in terms of accessing data, executing various actions within the system, and so on.

  • Go to Setup->Security->Manage Roles.



  • Click on  “Create a New” in the top right corner.



  • Check the required fields on the screen.



What we can do here:

  • Add the role name for which you need to configure permissions.
  • Select the module for which you would like to set permissions.
  • Check the forms you want to give access to and click Save.


Manage Users #


It’s important to have users added to your account once you’ve set up your organizational data. Adding users is a simple process that can be done in a number of ways. There are two ways to add users to your account.



  • Click on  “Create a New” in the top right corner.



  • You can also import Data by clicking on upload.



Create a New:

Adding users directly is a method to add users directly to your organization. You can give the users’ user names and passwords. They can change their password later.



What we can do here:

  •  Search for employees by name, and you can assign certain roles to them.
  •  You can assign a password with their email from the company end.
  •  You can create a user for particular locations.  

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